Thursday, January 17, 2019

PRGN Adds Two New Locations

The Public Relations Global Network (PRGN) announced that it has added two new locations to its global network, raising the number of its offices serving PR clients throughout the world to 56. The two new offices – in Atlanta, Georgia (U.S.) and New Delhi, India – are available to offer localized insight and support to LCWA clients.

The Atlanta location is an office of The Castle Group, headquartered in Boston. The office in New Delhi is run by Mileage Communications. Headquartered in Singapore, Mileage is a communications agency with more than 25 years of experience throughout Asia.

LCWA has been a proud PRGN member since 2002. We are excited that the global network keeps growing and adding new markets where it can serve clients. 

Monday, January 14, 2019

Showcasing a New Standard of Clean with Sanitaire at ISSA

The 2018 ISSA Show – the professional cleaning industry’s premier trade show – was a priority event for client Sanitaire Commercial to connect with decision-makers and media to highlight brand news and demonstrate its continued industry expertise. To help Sanitaire, an innovator in commercial vacuums, stand out in this crowded trade show environment,
LCWA implemented a strategic mix of media relations and social media activities.

In preparation for ISSA, a blend of planned and opportunistic tactics ensured Sanitaire was able to capitalize on the timeframe. Focusing media outreach and LinkedIn content efficiently and effectively engaged Sanitaire’s target audiences – decision makers in the healthcare, education, office and hospitality commercial facility industries, and editors at the top trade outlets.

To increase media traction and exceed coverage goals, LCWA leveraged new product news and thought-leadership partnerships with a press release distribution and media outreach. For social, posts on Sanitaire’s LinkedIn page – including graphics, links, on-site videos and opportunistic content – engaged target audiences and partners.

This concentrated media and social media strategy, combined with months of relationship building with key trade editors and building Sanitaire’s LinkedIn presence, paid off. LCWA was able to help cut through the clutter and exceed benchmarks, with numerous media booth meetings, media coverage, and more than 30,100 impressions, nearly 7,800 video views and hundreds of clicks on LinkedIn.

Before, during and after the show, LCWA helped Sanitaire reach its target audiences and capitalize on the increased attention on the commercial cleaning industry to amplify its messages and new products. We look forward to working with Sanitaire on strategic programs to make a big splashes on social and in the trades with big announcements in 2019!

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Four Questions to Ask when Choosing an Influencer Partner

Influencers are an important part of many public relations campaigns. They help grow brand and product awareness and can increase traction on social media. However, not all
influencers fit every campaign. Part of the allure of influencers is the individual, personal perspectives they provide. Here are four questions to consider when choosing influencer partners:

1) What are your goals from this influencer partnership?

Before beginning the search for an influencer partner, it is important to set up clear goals for your program. First, understand what you are hoping this partnership will do for your brand. This may include generating brand awareness or growing product sales.

Once you have your overall program goals, it also is important to determine how you will measure success by establishing key performance indicators (KPIs). Website clicks, social media engagements and overall impressions are valuable metrics to consider. Depending on the program, it may be best to include multiple types of analytics.

When crafting your program, it is important to be aware of the reach of each influencer. Large impressions are helpful toward your KPIs, however it is also important to consider the number of social media followers and typical engagements on blog posts and social content. When analyzing the influencer’s content as a whole, it may be best to choose those with smaller, however more active and engaged following, to reach your program goals.

2) Does the influencer fit for your audience?

Now that program goals are finalized, understanding your target audience is important when choosing an influencer. Start with your target audience – perhaps millennial females who cook – and work backward. If you are entering a new geographic market, then promoting your brand with influencers in the area will be important.

To help your program succeed, influencers should represent a similar look and feel as your brand to best fit your target audience. Many influencers consider themselves in the lifestyle category, however when reading their content, does it match the personality your brand wants to portray? Finding a blogger who meshes with your brand, such as a outdoor photography blogger for a camera company, is a natural fit – and will make great content for the brand and the influencer.

3) Is the topic ultimately a good fit for the influencer?

You may find some influencers who provide high-quality content, however understanding the typical content they cover is central for a successful campaign. Your campaign should be something the influencer might actually write about – not just content published and quickly forgotten. For instance, a food blogger may be health conscious and talk about making healthy choices. But as a meal-oriented site, it may not be a good fit for a disease awareness post unless it has a clear tie to food such as diabetes or celiac disease.

Competitor coverage is also important to consider. A quick search can determine if the influencer has covered one in the past, but it is also worth asking about. For example, Ford would not want a blogger who recently posted about Dodge to then share why they love Ford vehicles a month later.

The ultimate goal in a partnership is to make the content feel as authentic as possible to the reader – and for the influencer. Finding an individual who is an avid supporter for your brand or product, and wants to share that with their network, is priceless.

4) Are the expectations from the partnership clear for both you and the influencer?

After confirming the influencer is a fit and you begin negotiation, it is crucial to be as clear as possible about what you expect from the partnership. Outlining expectations down to the number of blog and social posts, specific messaging and hashtags or links to use ensures that what they create will be in line with your campaign. Providing a deadline will keep the influencer on a schedule, and have you both on a timeframe to be accountable for providing materials.

By securing these details through a contract, both parties will be happy with the results. A positive experience with you and the brand can lead to the ultimate goal of creating an ongoing brand advocate. Managing minute details in the beginning can help build lasting relationships for you and your client.

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Leveraging Twitter to Drive Conversations about North American Forests

We helped our client Boise Paper and its partner, the organization #forestproud, share messages about the importance of forests. The organizations joined together for a very successful Twitter chat using the hashtag #beforestproud.

To help take the message far and wide, we partnered with a lifestyle blogger, Family Focus Blog, to host the chat. The blogger asked questions, while Boise Paper and #forestproud provided expertise touching on many forestry subjects, including the importance of using wood-based products and managing the sustainability of forests.

Through engaging content, appealing graphics and an interesting topic, the chat garnered more than 2,300 unique tweets and over 9.4 million impressions. To learn more about the #forestproud mission and goals, visit its website,, or social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. 

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Celebrating the Decision to #ChooseSleep with the American Academy of Sleep Medicine

Recently, LCWA’s healthcare PR team a completed a campaign to help our client the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) promote the sleep medicine profession and emphasize sleep medicine fellowship training programs. The #ChooseSleep campaign ran during the time when doctors who have completed a medical residency were going through the fellowship matching process, with an emphasis on choosing a sleep fellowship training program.

First, LCWA created social media content using #ChooseSleep, starting with the opening of sleep fellowship rankings, when future fellows ranked which medical schools they preferred, through Match Day. These future sleep fellows going through the Match process were given access to resources, reminders of notable dates and key messages about the benefits of a sleep fellowship and a career in the field.

Next, LCWA partnered with current sleep fellow and AASM member Dr. Brandon Seay as he hosted a “Facebook Live” on the AASM page. Future sleep fellows learned what to expect during the remaining steps of the Match process and what they can look forward to in the next stage of their careers

To further encouraging the use of and engagement with #ChooseSleep, LCWA then conducted a #ChooseSleep hashtag sweepstakes on Twitter, which incorporated the trending #FellowMatch and #MatchDay hashtags. Participants, with help from Dr. Seay, celebrated the hard work of future sleep fellows, the benefits of a sleep medicine career and the importance of sleep medicine.

Finally, to reach medical and pre-med students directly at the resources they use to help make career decisions, LCWA secured an upcoming byline from AASM member Dr. Khurshid on the site Prospective Doctor, and placed an eye-catching digital banner ad on Life of a Med Student.

Overall, the two-month program achieved more than 103,500 impressions and nearly 1,600 engagements Facebook and Twitter, and 140,000 online impressions on medical student resources.

The above initiatives maximized conversations and built buzz around the Match process and Match
Day – recognizing the upcoming group of sleep fellows, and engaging with the sleep medicine community and the public. We look forward to continuing helping AASM push the sleep medicine profession forward in 2019!