Thursday, April 26, 2018

How to Get Your Clients on the Morning News

A number of LCWA team members recently attended a PCC luncheon focused on effectively pitching local morning TV producers. With our client roster of local organizations, along with national brands and associations providing information and products of interest to a large market audience, this was a can’t-miss event!

The panel included Adina Klein, morning segment producer at Fox 32; Rudy Segovia, segment producer for “The Jam” on WCIU-TV; and Tyra Martin, producer for “People to People” on WGN. The experts provided insight on how to get their attention in a crowded pitching market and make the most out of a TV segment once a placement is secured. Here are some of the helpful tips we heard:

Crafting the Perfect Pitch
  • The top of the email should clearly state who, what, when, where and why; the reporter shouldn’t have to search for this information. 
  • Include examples – videos or photos to show why your story is unique.
  • Tailor your pitch to the specific station, producer and show.
  • Keep in mind the average viewer’s budget while pitching a product or service.
Set Up Your Client Experts for Success
  • Experts should have a variety of things they can do/talk about during a segment.
  • Experts should be able to be utilized for multiple segments on broader topics. 
  • If something in the breaking news pertains to your expert, contact the news station to let them know they could be available for a phone call right away; make this clear in the subject line.
  • Make sure the expert is camera-ready and media trained. 
  • If the expert can post to social media during or after the segment, let the reporter know. This is a win-win in today’s social media-driven environment.
How to Follow Up
  • For longer-lead news, follow up with a call about a week later and ask if they have five minutes to set aside for you; persistence will get you noticed.
  • Do not email/call to follow up from Friday afternoon to Monday morning.
  • Sending products will not help you get a placement, but if you are going to send something, let the reporter know ahead of time.
  • Overall, the panel provided many relevant, actionable tips to help exceed our clients’ expectations for media coverage. Here’s to many great TV segments as we execute spring and summer programs!

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