Friday, April 22, 2016

Favorite Finds

Fresh off an epically gorgeous weekend in Chicago, we started the week with some fun and sun then returned to some April showers. No matter what it’s doing outside, it’s always interesting weather in the Twittersphere. Here are some of my favorite finds from the week:
  • This is a nice article about using LinkedIn to its full potential. The stats about the number of decision makers using the platform are compelling, and it’s well written. The title is deceptive. 
  • "Did you get my email?” and six other questions that “drive journalists bonkers” – recommended reading for anyone pitching but, presumably, not needed for good PR practitioners.
  • For something different, how about one of these funny children’s picture books? A few of the ones listed look pretty adorable, especially President Squid and There’s a Giraffe in My Soup.
  • Calling all Kimmy Schmidt fans! According to this infographic on changing media consumption, “70% Americans binge-watch television content, viewing an average of five episodes at a time.”
  • “It’s alright…” The Saved by the Bell-themed restaurant opens in Chicago this June!

Have a good weekend!

Friday, April 15, 2016

Favorite Finds

This was a busy week out there in social land! People were talking about all sorts of news and useful tidbits such as the new Facebook roll outs and Goodbye to Kobe. Amid all the chatter, I found some golden nuggets to share with you. Here are my favorite finds:

  • Pay Up – Spring is in the air and everyone is focused on all things fresh and green. Green like money, that is. This past Tuesday was #EqualPayDay that served as a reminder of the prevalent gender pay gap. This brought about a plethora of stats illustrating the inequality in compensation between male and female workers. As the issue has played a role in the 2016 Presidential election, the social channels were abuzz with content from political figures trying to get on the right side of history.
  • (Awesome) Nerd Alert! – Alpha Centauri, a star 4.37 light-years ago, has been garnering a lot of attention this week due to a sudden influx of interest in space exploration. A group of scientists, philanthropists, tech innovators and billionaires announced a plan to send a fleet of robot spacecraft to Alpha Centauri to deliver thousands of small probes into space. Potentially costing billions of dollars and taking decades to accomplish, the project aims to release the probes into space where they will be propelled by laser beams from Earth to scour the universe.
  • You got somethin’ to say? – This week Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant (aka the Black Mamba) played his last game before retiring from basketball. To help fans share their Kobe love and fond farewells, Nike Basketball promoted #MambaDay on April 13th. Lovers and haters of Bryant alike flooded social channels with their memories and media. On the flip side, #MyAdviceToTrump was trending as more people found themselves brimming with wisdom for the unconventional nominee. We also saw #LetMeCheerYouUpBy generate massive amounts of funny videos, happy thoughts and other little pick-me-ups such as Erin Brockovich’s pic of Jane Goodall.
  • The ‘Book’s Big Reveal – This week Facebook held (and streamed live) its two-day F8 Developer Conference to showcase new products, tools, interactive demos and industry speakers discussing the future of FB and social technologies. Some of the major updates revealed included: an open-source 360-degree video camera, living streaming from any camera even a DJI drone, a “save for later” feature and the much anticipated bot platform for messenger. Oh, and don’t forget the virtual reality selfies! Next on the list? Zuckerberg says augmented reality glasses are “what we’re trying to get to.” Here’s a helpful guide for using Facebook Live.
  • Not to be out done, Insta’s big news – While Facebook was making so much noise at its convention, Instagram announced a new look for Explore featuring video channels. You can browse for videos or have personalized recommendations presented in the “Videos You Might Like” section.
  • We only know BIG data – The collection, analysis and application of data is seen in just about every industry you can think of – PR included. Luckily, Forbes’ Abbi Whitaker wrote up a list of five tools for data-driven PR. These resources help PR teams keep track of everything from infographics and social media analytics to influencer rankings and website data extraction. I stumbled across one called Coverage Book that aims to make media reporting a breeze!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Saturating Sun Joe Social Media

Although the Sun Joe social community is regularly active and engaged on Facebook and Twitter, the LCWA Sun Joe team has trumped that success with daylong social campaigns that tie to a seasonal activity. These 24-hour blitzes greatly increase reach and engagement – and they were done without spending a dime in ad dollars. Recently – two of these days helped us jumpstart the season:

  • Here Comes the Sun – Spring Kickoff: To help the social community transition from Snow Joe to its sister brand Sun Joe, we leveraged the first day of spring for a seasonal brand switch. Each hour we revealed a different Sun Joe spring product. If that product photo reached our engagement goal, we gave one away to a fan who entered. The results were outstanding. We organically gained 450 fans in one day, our organic reach outpaced past promoted posts – garnering 81,200 impressions in one day – and we secured more than 5,000 engagements and shares.
  • See It? Saw It! – QVC Day: When Sun Joe has several segments planned for QVC, we take to the social media airwaves to help broadcast the sale and give fans a two-screen experience. On March 26, to end the first week of spring, the LCWA team planned a day full of social media
    activities that encouraged fans to participate, engage and stay with us during the entire day. We built in a RT sweepstakes, a virtual scavenger hunt, collected user-generated content and shared the QVC information during the day. If the spring kickoff was successful, this was the cherry on top of a great launch week. In just one day, we organically reached more than 100,000 fans and engaged a whopping 10,696 fans. 

 We hope to keep our fans coming back for more all season long!

Friday, April 8, 2016

Favorite Finds

It’s the first week of Q2 2016 and from the Twittersphere I sense a renewed energy in the air. I enjoyed mining the feed this week for tangible tips and notable news – and I present to you, my favorite finds:

  • Viva video, and virtual reality – We’ve already seen the positive engagement that can come from using video on social channels. Periscope and Facebook Live are already regularly integrated into many brand campaigns. What’s next? Virtual reality, which Mark Zuckerberg says “is going to be the most social platform.” It’s all detailed in this article from PR Tactics. And, as ‘American Idol’ said its (maybe temporary) goodbyes this week, Mashable told us how video has helped create a surge for the brand.
  • It’s what’s on the inside that counts – Illusion puzzles continue to create social buzz. From “where’s the penguin?” to “what color is this?” people seemingly love participating in a social guessing game. This week, the red dot swept the internet. Could you see the image inside?
  • Bots are big. Some think this is going to be the year of the chat bot. Facebook’s F8 Developer Conference is next week and the company is said to announce a bot store for Facebook Messenger. Chat bots use automated messaging to help consumers “do everything.”
  • And, action! In almost every communication, we are told to stress the call to action for the reader. Here, PRNewswire gives us 10 reminders about making the most of that call, and converting.