Tuesday, February 2, 2016

In the Mix…“Hybrid Day” Kicks Off Successful Launch

When client Snow Joe told us it was releasing the first snow blower to offer the convenience of corded or battery-powered operation all in one eco-friendly, easy-to-use model – the Hybrid – we knew we had to make a big splash. To celebrate this dual-dynamo, revolutionary rechargeable, we planned “Hybrid Day” to announce the official launch of this snow blowing innovation. "Hybrid Day" was a full-day onslaught of fun and energy, incorporating many facets of both traditional and social media. On the media side, a press release, wire distribution, targeted pitching and technology reviews generated buzz. Online, we had a constant stream of engagement, introducing partnerships with influential YouTube unboxers and bloggers, day-long social media activity including sweepstakes, GIFs, graphics, an adventure with "Snow Bro" and more. The launch of this pioneering product was a great chance for LCWA to explore many ways to really saturate the consumer space with product messaging and express Snow Joe’s focus on power, innovation – as well as its witty, fun and bold voice. Since "Hybrid Day," we’ve continued to secure media placements and build partnerships with social influencers to make sure Hybrid is top-of-mind for anyone in the market for a snow blower this winter!

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