Friday, October 16, 2015

Favorite Finds

Politics and sports have kept us all on our toes this week! Below is a round-up of some of the most interesting stories of the week - including a few that don't relate to Presidential debates, or the Cubs:
  • #DemDebate - This year's first Democratic Presidential Debate was held this week, and of course it was a hot topic on social media. With live tweeting from the Donald, massive boosts in followings for Bernie Sanders and a hot Instagram pic from Hillary, the debate was clearly on people's minds.
  • YouTube Star - Speaking of Hillary, according to a recent report, she leads the pack of candidates (in both parties) in views of videos on YouTube.
  • Girl Power - The powerful essay from superstar Jennifer Lawrence - who weighed in on gender double-standards in Hollywood - hit a nerve, and got people talking.
  • For the Love of Gum - A romantic video from Extra Gum went viral because of its unexpected sweet story.
  • Change is in the Air - From more videos on Facebook to updates to place pins on Pinterest, our favorite social channels keep us on our toes - even as young people may be changing how they use social.
  • ...Last but not Least - Chicago is abuzz after the Cubs' NLDS victory - and so is social media. Here are some of the best reactions to this week's historic wins.

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