Friday, June 20, 2014

Favorite Finds

It’s been a stormy week in Chicagoland, but the climate has been more temperate on Twitter the past several days. Here are some of my favorite finds:

  • The 10 Percent Rule – Millennials are checking their smartphones 43 times per day on average, and 10 percent of marketers’ content is doing 90 percent of the legwork communicating to those aged 18-36, according to a study reported on by Bulldog Reporter.
  • Dog Crazy – As several members of the LCWA team and I gear up for a huge pet trade show next month, dogs have been on my mind. The Huffington Post compiled this video of lovable labs to inspire the dog lover in all of us.  
  • Networking 101 – Refresh – Feel the need to brush up on your networking skills? Some people are naturals while others make benefit from some refreshers. Check on these quick tips from PR News.
  • Summer Fun – If the weather is good and you’re heading on a summer road trip this weekend, check out the “Best Road Trip Songs” courtesy of 3 Boys and a Dog.
Enjoy the weekend! 

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