Saturday, May 24, 2014

Favorite Finds

There were once again many great articles about using social media this week. Some of our favorites:
  • Pretty Pictures of Pretty Cars: BMW found an interesting way to use the visual nature of Instagram to highlight its latest launch.
  • You've Got 'Em, Don't Lose 'Em: These seven "don'ts" give tips from Ragan's PR Daily on how not to lose those all too valuable followers.
  • On the Business Channel Side: This great article, shared by one of our PRGN partners, tells how to use LinkedIn to build business faster than your competitors.
  • The Moms Have It: The influence of mommy bloggers continues, according to this article from She-conomy.
  • Short and Sweet, Of Course: These tips on giving a presentation in the age of smart phones advocate something smart -- don't ignore the little devices in everyone's hands...acknowledge them.

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