Friday, May 30, 2014

Favorite Finds

Everyone at LCWA has been cheering on the Blackhawks’ comeback all week, and you can bet we’ll all be glued to our TVs tonight rooting for another big win in L.A.

But how about the drama last night with ESPN’s live broadcast of the Scripps National Spelling Bee Championships?  LCWA’s grammar and spelling police agree, the first co-champs in 52 years, Sriram "Stichomythia" Hathwar and Ansun "Feuilleton" Sujoe, both have nerves of steel and great futures in PR.

Speaking of PR, here are a few of this week’s industry related Favorite Finds:
  • Business News Daily assistant editor Nicole Fallon nails the journo-PR relationship and offers important Do and Don’t reminders when you’re trying to get the attention of the press.
  • posted a story “5 Measurements for PR ROI”, although the list focused on five things your PR team should be really worried about, instead of just crunching numbers
  • Leave it to me to remind you: live theater is big business. For every dollar spent on a theater ticket, studies show another $3-$7 is spent on parking, restaurants and at nearby retailers. Run the numbers yourself at Arts Alliance Illinois, which estimates non-profit arts are a $2.75 billion industry in Illinois. 
  • Finally, Future Shock: earlier this week Netflix predicted we’ll have 48 million TV channels to choose from by 2025.  “Netflix will know exactly what you want to watch, even before you do.” I may never leave home.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Favorite Finds

There were once again many great articles about using social media this week. Some of our favorites:
  • Pretty Pictures of Pretty Cars: BMW found an interesting way to use the visual nature of Instagram to highlight its latest launch.
  • You've Got 'Em, Don't Lose 'Em: These seven "don'ts" give tips from Ragan's PR Daily on how not to lose those all too valuable followers.
  • On the Business Channel Side: This great article, shared by one of our PRGN partners, tells how to use LinkedIn to build business faster than your competitors.
  • The Moms Have It: The influence of mommy bloggers continues, according to this article from She-conomy.
  • Short and Sweet, Of Course: These tips on giving a presentation in the age of smart phones advocate something smart -- don't ignore the little devices in everyone's hands...acknowledge them.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Eureka Proven Power Preview Panel

To coincide with the launch of the new Eureka AirSpeed ALL FLOORS and EXACT Pet vacuums, our client Eureka hand-selected 40 bloggers to test the newest Eureka products before they hit shelves. Based on independent testing, the Eureka AirSpeed ALL FLOORS and EXACT Pet cleans carpets better than the Dyson DC41 and DC40, respectively. We asked bloggers to support this claim by creating real-life cleaning challenges with crushed up cereal, coffee grounds, etc., and to film themselves tackling the messes with the vacuum. Over the past two months of working with the bloggers, we have seen some great testimonials and reviews highlighting #EurekaPower. Check out some of the powerful reviews featured on Family Focus Blog, Hoosier Homemade and Woof Woof Mama with more on the way! A full list of testers on the Proven Power Preview Panel can be found here.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Favorite Finds

From social media faux-pas to a brand break up, the Twittersphere has been buzzing this week. Here are a few of my favorite finds:
  • It’s time for the NFL to call an audible – Last week, Commissioner Roger Goodell had his Twitter chat hijacked by trolls. This week, the NFL faced more social media problems after some players jumped on Twitter to immediately criticize the 7th round pick of Michael Sam in the draft. It's not the first time individual opinions impacted the organization, and it certainly won't be the last. 
  • Single and ready to mingle – A.1. dropped steak from its name to remind consumers its sauce can be used on more than just beef. The break up was announced in a YouTube video using Facebook to tell the story.
  • Adios annoying tweeters – The rumors are true. Twitter is adding a mute button allowing users to silence those over-tweeters by banishing their tweets from their feeds. To avoid being muted, check out these tips on what not to do.
  • Don’t mess with Texas – Fort Worth city council member, Joel Burns sent a teasing tweet to The Weather Channel threatening to delete the app if it didn’t stop showing photos of Dallas. The Weather Channel responded sarcastically, even taking a jab at the councilman’s efforts to end bullying. (Burns is well known for his TED talk “It Gets Better” which aims to help gay teens come to terms with being different.) While Burns didn’t take the bait, his Twitter followers were less forgiving.   

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Building Buzz for Baby Blocks

On behalf of client UnitedHealthcare of Ohio, LCWA secured a live, in-studio interview on WKEF-TV (ABC) in Dayton for the Baby Blocks program that’s designed to help address infant mortality in the state – Ohio ranks 48th in the nation. In the segment, Judy Karpinski, associate clinical director for UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Ohio, described how the innovative Baby Blocks program rewards expectant and new mothers who are fully engaged in prenatal health and attend essential doctor visits pre- and post-delivery. The online, interactive incentive program is available at no charge to UnitedHealthcare Medicaid beneficiaries who enroll using their computer or smartphone. Since its launch, more than 1,000 babies in Ohio have been born to program participants. Additional media coverage is pending to help spread the word about this innovative program.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Favorite Finds

The weather is finally changing, and so is the world of public relations. Check out this week’s trending topics on the evolving business of social media:
  • The New Era of Facebook – Given #Facebook is now a pay-for-play business, check out these tips to optimize Facebook ads.
  • Moms Rock Marketing – This Sunday is #MothersDay, one of this week’s most popular hashtags. Moms can be the best online brand ambassadors. According to Social Media Today, 70 percent of social savvy moms have posted about a brand’s product or services.
  • Portrait of a LinkedIn User – The professional networking site gave Forbes an exclusive to its most recent data. Most notably, 57 percent of companies are active on their pages, up from 24 percent last year. To this end, company LinkedIn pages are becoming more important for SEO.
  • The State of Journalism – A recently released study from Indiana University finds that about 40 percent of U.S. journalists said social media is very important to their work. (I’ve included key findings from the study below. Some interesting insights.)

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Trex Engineered Artistry Giveaway with Tyler Florence

The arrival of warm weather means the backyard is open for business. To shine a spotlight on outdoor living season and its Engineered Artistry campaign, our client Trex has teamed up with Chef Tyler Florence to host the Engineered Artistry Giveaway on Facebook. On the heels of a successful Pinterest sweepstakes, the LCWA team is helping strengthen Trex’s standing as a social-savvy industry leader and increase brand visibility while generating buzz around the campaign.  For two weeks, Trex will give away autographed Tyler Florence cookbooks daily and, as a bonus, two lucky winners will receive a special prize package featuring Tyler’s favorite outdoor entertaining and cooking accessories each week. Entering is easy – “Like” Trex on Facebook, click the sweepstakes tab and enter your email address. Fans can enter every day through May 19 for more chances to win. 

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A Gentleman’s Guide to a Good Night’s Sleep

On behalf of client the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM), LCWA secured a placement in GQ’s May issue as part of the magazine’s “12-Month Body Tune Up.” Recognizing that one in four Americans don’t get enough sleep, Dr. Safwan Badr provided tips to help readers sleep more – and better. Lack of sleep is linked to a higher risk of diabetes, obesity and heart disease. “The return on investment of good sleep is incalculable,” said Badr. “Even if you're stuck with less sleep than you'd like, there are shortcuts to boost quality if not quantity.” Badr’s tips include limiting caffeine and alcohol, establishing a consistent bedtime routine and avoiding watching TV in bed. For more tips from the AASM on how to get a better night’s sleep, or to find a local sleep specialist, visit

Friday, May 2, 2014

Favorite Finds

This week’s entrance into May saw some buzz-worthy social app changes causing a major stir. Take a look below – and hope for sunny spring weather!
  • Oh, Snap! – Yesterday, Snapchat users received a new type of message from the Snapchat team, announcing the biggest update to the app to-date. Users will now be able to share text messages and video chat through the app. Sorry Snapchat-haters – it’s not going anywhere any time soon.
  • Foursquare Splits Itself – Location check-in app Foursquare split into two different apps this week. The core app will soon be able to recommend places to users – acting as a location-based Yelp. The new app, called Swarm, will act as a “social heat map” to point out hot spots in town and open up communication between users in similar locations.
  • Can I Quote You on That? Every press release needs an informative and punchy quote, right? If you’re stuck in a quote-writing rut, check out these handy tips on how to craft an informative and usable quote.
  • Because You Deserve This Have you seen this video of U.S. Marines singing along to Disney’s “Frozen?” You should watch it, and then check out some tips for how to make your brand’s content get viral buzz.