Friday, April 26, 2013

Favorite Finds

From rants to hacks, it's been a busy week in the online world. Below are some of our favorite finds for the week:
  • Hacks make an impact. Twitter hacks of several news outlets - from the AP to "60 Minutes" to NPR - lead to Twitter bolstering security. The AP hack on April 23 included a message that the President had been injured in an attack at the White House, leading to a temporary freefall of the U.S. stock market. 
  • LinkedIn links in. On Thursday, LinkedIn launched LinkedIn Contacts, which integrates into your email, mobile address book and calendar.
  • Facebook ad-o-meter. Is Facebook really filling up with ads? A Facebook ad buyer audited his own page to find out. His (not so surprising) verdict: no. He summarizes that 16 percent of posts are from brands and 3 percent are paid ads - the rest are from friends.
  • What goes online, stays online. The social media world was abuzz about the "rant heard 'round the world" from a sorority girl in Maryland. The profane email - and subsequent fallout - serves as a reminder that everything you put online will stay online - and can be shared online. Read about it here.  
  • Social plays a part in tragedies. A week after the tragic events in Boston and West, Texas, we can look back on how social media played a role in the events.
  • There is nowhere to hide. Anyone can be found on social media in 12 hours. This interesting study discusses how various social networks can be used to track people

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