Monday, April 29, 2013

Working with Other Agencies

Our work with national and global clients – and our involvement in the Public Relations Global Network, an international organization of leading independent PR agencies – often involves working with a variety of other agency teams. From partnerships with traditional advertising agencies to digital ad firms and even other public relations teams, we view these experiences as opportunities for all of us to bring our experiences and creativity together to provide great results for our clients. Here are several of my “best practices” for working with other agencies for the same client:
  • Take Time for Introductions – At the inception of each partnership, be sure each team is “on-boarded” with the brand, key messages and business insights. This step can address many questions and concerns before they even arise. And, having strong guidelines in place from the start help us to collectively execute programs more efficiently and effectively.
  • Communicate – Every agency, client and team follows different procedures. Outline timelines, protocols and expectations up front so everyone on all teams is working in tandem with one another. Schedule routine times to touch base and discuss upcoming projects and deadlines to make sure all team members stay on track and are on the same page. Also, make sure to share contact information for main contacts and back-ups – in a last-minute emergency, you need to know who to call. 
  • Manage Expectations – We have a great team who can turn things around at the drop of a hat. It’s wonderful – but when you’re working with multiple teams on approvals, it may not always be enough. Allow as much time as possible for projects to account for the extra revisions and adjustments that come with having more sets of eyes, and keep clients up-to-date on the status of where projects stand and when they can expect to see deliverables.
  • Collaborate – Being part of a team means being available to contribute, and accepting and appreciating others’ contributions. Don’t be afraid to investigate the “whys” and “hows” when feedback is given, and offer suggestions and ideas when you deliver feedback. Keep an open mind – you may learn a new best practice, or provide valuable insight that will help the other agency in your projects together moving forward.
Successful communications agencies thrive on our relationships – with clients, colleagues and other partners. These important points will keep projects moving along and ensure that the clients are happy! 

Friday, April 26, 2013

Favorite Finds

From rants to hacks, it's been a busy week in the online world. Below are some of our favorite finds for the week:
  • Hacks make an impact. Twitter hacks of several news outlets - from the AP to "60 Minutes" to NPR - lead to Twitter bolstering security. The AP hack on April 23 included a message that the President had been injured in an attack at the White House, leading to a temporary freefall of the U.S. stock market. 
  • LinkedIn links in. On Thursday, LinkedIn launched LinkedIn Contacts, which integrates into your email, mobile address book and calendar.
  • Facebook ad-o-meter. Is Facebook really filling up with ads? A Facebook ad buyer audited his own page to find out. His (not so surprising) verdict: no. He summarizes that 16 percent of posts are from brands and 3 percent are paid ads - the rest are from friends.
  • What goes online, stays online. The social media world was abuzz about the "rant heard 'round the world" from a sorority girl in Maryland. The profane email - and subsequent fallout - serves as a reminder that everything you put online will stay online - and can be shared online. Read about it here.  
  • Social plays a part in tragedies. A week after the tragic events in Boston and West, Texas, we can look back on how social media played a role in the events.
  • There is nowhere to hide. Anyone can be found on social media in 12 hours. This interesting study discusses how various social networks can be used to track people

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

In the Mix…AADSM Works to Stop Snoring

Our client the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine (AADSM) is educating consumers about the dangers of snoring, which can indicate serious health problems such as sleep apnea. LCWA worked with AADSM to coordinate stories on a little-known snoring and sleep apnea treatment provided by dentists – oral appliance therapy. Real Simple and recently ran articles on snoring remedies that include oral appliances as an effective option. We look forward to raising more consumer awareness on snoring solutions!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Favorite Finds

During a week of breaking news, we were glued to the Twitter stream and among the current events, also found several helpful articles this week.

  • Social Media Tips During Crisis – The tragic events in Boston held traditional and social media audiences captive this week, while brand campaigns wisely took a back seat. These top tips for brand communication during a crisis are spot on.
  • Twitter Ads Targeting Keywords – For the first time, Twitter is rolling out an ad platform that targets viewers based on keywords they use to tweet, allowing advertisers to target interests instead of simply geographic location or user demographics.
  • The Today Show Drama Continues – If you’ve been following The Today Show’s recent troubles that began with the ouster of Ann Curry, you’re not alone. This New York Times article offers an interesting look at the inner workings of the morning show behemoth.
  • Vocab Lesson – Last week, the Scripps National Spelling Bee announced that it would be quizzing participants on vocabulary for the first time, asking contestants to both define and spell their given words. We quizzed ourselves on some obscure words from spelling bees of years past – how well can you do?
  • Beautiful Parody – Dove’s “Real Beauty” sketch-artist video went viral this week, highlighting the differences of how women are perceived by themselves and by others and reinforcing the idea that “you’re more beautiful than you think.” If you’re in need of a Friday chuckle, check out this inevitable parody video where men are encouraged to describe their beauty to a sketch-artist. We’re guessing this is the next viral hit.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Favorite Finds

It’s April in Chicago and while warm spring breezes are alluding us, social media continues to sprout new and helpful tips, tricks and trends that are making our business blossom. Below are the stories we found most interesting this week.
  • Social Media Tips from The Critic - Roger Ebert wasn't only a successful film critic (as our theater and arts arm will affirm), he was also a skilled social media user with 840K+ Twitter followers. As we remember him, we wanted to share five great social media lessons he taught all of us.
  • Goodbye Banner Ads - According to the New York Times, sponsored online articles are on the rise and challenging the banner ad in terms of online engagement, something that could have an interesting impact on PR professionals who traditionally have owned the advertorial.
  • Flipping for Flipboard – Flipboard is opening up its platform to enable users to create their own magazines. Check out recent news on this growing social networking app.
  • Home 2.0 Buzz around the HGTV Smart Home makes us wonder how long it will be before everyone can monitor the carbon footprint of their home with an iPad, or control security and heating/cooling systems through a web based cloud. We think the future isn’t that far away!
  • “Grammar” Rules – You know we love a good grammar lesson and the unnecessary quote is one of my personal pet peeves – so I loved this snarky post from mashable on a common punctuation failure.

Monday, April 8, 2013

In the Mix...Springing into Cleaning with Facebook Sweepstakes

We're no strangers to coordinating social media sweepstakes for our clients – it's a fun way to generate excitement and build buzz around the brands we represent. That's why we're so excited to kick off our first Facebook sweepstakes for our client Electrolux. Launched on April 3 and running through May 3, our "Refer a Friend" sweepstakes aims to spread the word about two new Electrolux products – Precision Brushroll Clean and Ergorapido Brushroll Clean – by offering incentives for our fans to share news about the sweepstakes with their friends. We're excited to arm Electrolux fans with our newest vacuum introductions just in time for spring cleaning season! Visit the Electrolux Facebook page for more information, and to enter.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Favorite Finds

Even though one of our favorite stories to kick off April is knowing when brand’s should let go of social platforms, we’re certainly not doing so! Below are the stories we found most interesting this week.

Monday, April 1, 2013

In the Mix...Life Fitness Touts Tech Story at IHRSA

Client Life Fitness recently showed off its tech-y side at IHRSA 2013, a global fitness industry convention and trade show. We helped announce exciting new initiatives and book media appointments for the commercial fitness equipment manufacturer. While at the show, the company demonstrated the first-of-its-kind LFconnect app and turned heads with demos of its Synrgy360 training system. Congrats to Life Fitness on another successful IHRSA show!