Friday, August 24, 2012

Favorite Finds

This week proved that the old adage – “you learn something new every day” – certainly holds true…especially in the Twitter-verse.  Here are just a few timely and tips-focused tweets for PR pros:
  • We’re not talking pencil boxes and glue sticks!  PR News lists the top 11 supplies that you need for your back-to-school PR backpack – from a good mentor to a social media voice and a Plan B for any project! 
  • Comma or semi-colon?  Ragan’s PR Daily encouraged us to watch for “random acts of punctuation” with an article on the five signs of a sloppy writer.   
  • Professional Speaking 101.  After observing the dynamic speakers at TED Conferences, Great Leaders Serve offers four tips that anyone can use to improve his or her next presentation.
  • Cures for writer’s block.  Don’t just sit there staring at the computer screen!  99U offers tips to get those creative juices flowing from some of the world’s greatest literary minds. 

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