Wednesday, March 28, 2012

In the Mix….What’s Your Magic Number?

If you’re like most Americans, chances are your New Year’s resolution already has fallen by the wayside. But just in time for spring cleaning, our client has launched a goals tool to help you start fresh and organize your life. The LCWA team began work last week on the official launch of this virtual life coaching site that’s designed to help subscribers take control and achieve more through effective goal setting and habit management. Already, the site has been featured on the Chicago blog “Ms. Career Girl,” and the LCWA team is excited to generate more buzz in the coming weeks. Check out to sign up for a free trial and see what the magic is all about!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Helping Clients Transition to Facebook Timeline Brand Pages

One of the most exciting facets of social media is the challenge to stay up to date. The buzz of the month has been the switch to Timeline for brand pages, which will happen on Friday. While there is a lot of available information about the changes, there aren’t a lot of tips specifically for PR managers. Here is a glimpse at how we’re helping our clients adjust to Timeline:

  • Timing is everything. We advised our clients to wait until March 30 to go live with Timeline, using the rest of the month to build the page behind-the-scenes. The reasons? It is essential that web managers be up-to-speed on the intricacies of the new set up. And Facebook is famous for last minute feature additions or changes.
  • Rethink content strategy. The big, beautiful cover photo and addition of company milestones are great ways to enhance a brand page, but other changes will require a new way of thinking about daily posts. Pinned posts and highlighted content will offer new ways to direct consumers to what we want them to see, so it's important to adjust your strategy for this.
  • Realign customer service. In the past, brands only could correspond with fans on the public wall or by taking the conversation offline. Finally – private messaging is available for pages, allowing administrators to converse with fans directly and discreetly. This will streamline our customer service processes and take cumbersome steps out of our social discussions.
  • Keep an eye on promotions. Timeline will eliminate fan-gated tabs, so we have to look for new ways to attract fans and encourage “likes.” The profile image, custom application thumbnails and pinned posts are great ways to keep promotions visible, since the cover image itself does not allow a call-to-action. And since rumors are swirling that Facebook is moving away from tabs altogether, it’s necessary to start thinking out of the “tab.”

As always, we recommend diving in to try all of the changes before launching Timeline for a brand. Use a dummy page to your advantage and experiment with visuals and the newer features that Timeline brings to brands.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

In the Mix….LCWA’s Triple Threat in All You

LCWA was a triple threat this month, landing three clients in the All You March reader giveaway. As a result of what we refer to as “piggy-back pitching,” we were able to secure inclusion in the “home and cleaning” category for Eureka, Pergo, and our new client All three are featured on the magazine’s website and in its e-newsletters, and Eureka and Pergo are showcased in the magazine as well. Sweepstakes are one of the magazine’s most popular sections, so no doubt these giveaways will generate some great visibility for each brand. Check them out – and enter yourself – before March 29!

Monday, March 19, 2012

In The Mix…Bringing Clean Water to Needy

Did you know that nearly 900 million people have no access to clean, safe drinking water? Fortunately, a remarkable filter adapted from kidney dialysis technology now brings clean water quickly and inexpensively to those people who so desperately need it. And our client Sawyer® Products, the company that makes the filter, just launched a campaign to enable Americans to help remedy one of the world’s greatest problems. Through the new “Sawyer Saves” initiative, individuals can visit to donate funds to prominent humanitarian organizations that will place Sawyer filters in needy villages, towns and cities spanning the globe. Just one filter can provide safe water to a large family for decades; several can support a village for years! With World Water Day on March 22, it’s perfect timing for us to spread the word about this noble campaign.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

In the Mix...Communication Assessment Interviews Underway

The LCWA Research Group is busy conducting phone interviews as part of an internal communication assessment for a major financial services client. The 15-30 minute interviews with employees are designed to gather qualitative feedback on the company’s communications processes. The interviews are just one part of the assessment, which also includes a web-based survey of employees, and basic and advanced statistical analyses that will pinpoint high-impact improvements. We look forward to collecting all the data and analyzing the results in the coming weeks!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

In the Mix….More Daylight Means More Fans for First Alert

This past weekend, we helped First Alert conduct its second Facebook sweepstakes in partnership with Duracell. The sweepstakes celebrated “springing forward” and Daylight Saving Time, and followed a similar co-branded effort that occurred as we "fell back" last fall. In only five days we gained 3,264 new fans – an increase of 29% – and garnered more than 45,000 entries! The sweepstakes was the most successful Facebook promotion to date for First Alert. The team is looking forward to additional activities this year to continue growing the First Alert Facebook fan base.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

In the Mix...Trex Drives More Pinterest to Outdoor Living

In only two years, the social photo sharing website Pinterest has attracted approximately 11.7 million unique users and drives more referral traffic to retailers than Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn combined. LCWA recently helped develop a Pinterest page for our client Trex. In addition to showcasing the brand’s inspirational outdoor living photography, we created themed boards with ideas for weekend DIY projects, grilling recipes and going “green.” Working together with Trex’s advertising agency, we’re constantly posting fresh, dynamic content, building our follower base and strategizing ways to turn “pins” into purchases! Check out the Trex boards at

Friday, March 2, 2012

Tapping Our Natural Talents

We live in a world that focuses on fixing our weaknesses – just think of all the self help sites, books and programs. LCWA decided to turn things around and look at the strengths of each individual in the firm.

We embarked on a journey using StrengthsFinder 2.0 from Gallup Press to uncover each person’s talents. All of us took a short, online survey to discover our own personal strengths and how to best use them. This week, we shared them as a group to see how we can maximize personal strengths on our client account teams.

We have almost all of the strengths covered, which is great because it shows that we have diverse teams that can provide many talents to our client work. We also found that many of us have strengths defined as Achiever, Responsibility, Strategic and Relator. These traits tie directly to our client drivers – Refreshing, Reliable, Results. Our teams are looking forward to being more aware of individual strengths to provide results for our clients.