Thursday, November 15, 2018

Rejuvenate TV Tour Takes the Click n Clean Message to the Masses

Recently, LCWA’s home PR team participated in a back-to-school co-op media tour for the Rejuvenate Click n Clean Multi-Surface Spray Mop System. Hosted by TV host and lifestyle expert Ereka Vetrini, the tour featured top products that help moms survive the hectic school year. Leveraging the company’s existing commercial video, Vetrini spoke about the mop’s maneuverability, touting its ability to speed clean any flooring surface for a whole-home clean. What’s more, Vetrini spoke with TV anchors about ways the Click n Clean saves moms money and is environmentally friendly with its microfiber cleaning pads that can be rewashed up to 400 times.

The media tour reached more than 102.1 million people with 376 airings in key markets. “The Daily Flash” and “Newswatch” shows syndicated interviews just in time to support a product promotion and end cap display with partner The Home Depot.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Four Questions to Ask When Vetting a Media Opportunity

Most PR campaigns are focused on generating strong media coverage to ensure key messages are delivered to target audiences. But not all media coverage is created equal, and it is important to focus on securing high-quality coverage that meets specific criteria depending on the campaign. Here are four questions to consider when vetting a media opportunity.

Is the Outlet a Good Fit?
Every PR campaign typically includes key messages designed for target audiences. When vetting media opportunities, review the outlet’s main audience to ensure it matches the selected audience for the campaign. Research the size of the audience as
well, and how the outlet or reporter drives engagement with its readership. The tone of the coverage and the type of reporting can greatly impact how key messages are received by the audience.

Tip: Research the outlet and the media contact to identify the tone and type of coverage offered. Ask specific questions to get an idea of what the intended final product may look like.

Is the Topic a Good Fit?
The context surrounding key messages is just as important as the inclusion of the key messages in any media coverage. Understanding how campaign language will fit into a story is vital to ensure the media opportunity engages the audience in way that aligns with campaign goals.

Tip: Craft key messaging and statistics for clients that continually drive back to the main points or goals to prevent interviews or written statements from going off topic. Focus on concise language to eliminate opportunities for messaging or quotes to be taken out of context.

Is the Type of Opportunity a Good Fit?
Another aspect of a media opportunity to consider is the type of medium used to reach audiences – print, online, TV, social media, etc. Some campaigns have very specific key messages and target audiences that are best reached through certain channels. In addition, the requirements of the channel, such as urgent deadlines or in-person interviews, may be hard to accommodate.

Tip: Discuss potential media opportunities with the client at the start to gauge resources and ensure priorities are aligned. Assign key spokespeople to different topics, and determine the availability of each spokesperson as well as the organization as a whole to meet different types of media opportunity requirements.

Is the Timing a Good Fit?
PR campaigns are often designed strategically throughout a calendar year to align with seasons, events, awareness celebrations or other key markers. However, it is wise to keep campaigns adaptive and flexible, as the current climate in any industry can greatly impact the success of a campaign, and media opportunities should be reviewed with these considerations in mind. For example, it may be wise to delay a campaign if a major controversy just occurred in the client industry, or a campaign may be bumped up a few months if new research supporting the messaging was released by a third party.

Tip: Stay current on all the latest news in the client’s industry to ensure your team is able to predict how media will cover a topic relative to recent news. Discuss these trends and industry news with the client to determine their comfortability with different types of media coverage.

While PR teams want to produce as much media buzz as possible for each client campaign, quality is more valuable than quantity. The right media opportunities will deliver key messages to target audiences in a tone and medium that best suits the goals of the campaign, providing support for client initiatives without straining resources. A few simple questions may separate the best media opportunities, ensuring campaign success!

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Keep Home Happening with

Clean & Cook Supply online makes it easy to find, buy and stock up on cleaning accessories, such as vacuum bags, belts and filters that help keep appliances and the home running smoothly. And now it’s even easier, thanks to a newly designed website that is more user-friendly so that consumers can quickly find and order the right accessories to keep home happening.

To help Clean & Cook Supply grow its customer base and establish a larger online presence, LCWA helped launch a new Facebook page as way to engage with customers. Facebook ads and an interactive social sweepstakes were designed to gain followers quickly and establish Clean & Cook Supply as a go-to resource for cleaning tips and products. Running concurrently, Facebook ads both encouraged users to enter the sweepstakes – a chance to win a $500 Visa gift card – as well as ‘like’ the new Facebook page and visit the website. The sweepstakes engaged fans with questions supporting key brand messages about changing vacuum bags, filters and belts, and generated more than 8,000 entries and nearly 2,200 page likes in less than one month. Additionally, the Facebook ads earned more than 600 clicks to the Clean & Cook Supply website, 88,000 impressions and more than 2,800 engagements. 

Native and display ads were designed to deliver quick, educational content to targeted audiences, directing viewers to useful content on the Clean & Cook Supply website. Creative featuring taglines like “we have a belt for that,” “we have a bag for that” and “we have a filter for that” helped increase awareness about what exactly can offer. The ads delivered almost 2 million impressions and 1,500 clicks.

This strategic use of social and digital activations helped establish Clean & Cook Supply’s new online presence, enhance their visibility online and drive consumers to the new website. Here’s to Keeping Home Happening!

Monday, November 5, 2018

LCWA Wins Four PRGN Awards

During the annual Public Relations Global Network (PRGN) Awards Gala held in Bucharest in October, we celebrated the great work done by all members. Consisting of 50 independent agencies from around the world, the PRGN is a group of top thinking and performing agencies, and these awards highlight “best of the best” programs from Singapore to Warsaw, and Budapest to Melbourne. 

LCWA was honored to win four awards this year, including the gold in the Agency Collaboration category for our partnership with the UK-firm, Spider PR, on social media influencer outreach conducted on behalf of Trex. We also won the gold in Blogger/Vlogger Outreach for Trex, and the First Alert team was honored with the Integrated Marketing gold for its Super Prepared Family campaign. In addition, our Ecore account team won the bronze award in the B2B category for its stellar trade and vertical media relations work.

Congratulations to our teams, clients and fellow award winners on their accolades!

Thursday, November 1, 2018

LCWA Delves into the Past to Tell Brand Stories

Earlier this year, when long-time client Beam Suntory (JimBeam® Bourbon) tasked us with helping to bring its 223-year history to life for its large internal audience and loyal consumers, the Heritage PR Team at LCWA met the challenge with a number of creative and effective tactics.

We started with an aggressive identification and collection of historical materials such as photos, documents and artifacts. These materials, many of which were unearthed in libraries, university archives and museums, as well as family members’ basements and attics, were digitized and uploaded online for employees to utilize to help communicate and market the brand story.

The Beam story came to life in another fashion last month when I had the privilege and pleasure of hosting a two-hour storytelling session for top sales representatives at the company’s annual sales meeting in Las Vegas. In addition to trying my best to entertain my audience with tales of the Beams, I had the opportunity to present the only film footage of Jim Beam ever taken (1938). Our team discovered the footage after months of searching, ultimately finding it in the possession of a distant family member in a small town in Tennessee. The highlight of the session, however, was the appearance of Jim Beam himself, an actor selected and scripted by LCWA. Old Jim regaled the audience with stories about his youth as well as the family’s struggles through Prohibition.

Most recently, we brought the Beam heritage story to the small screen in Louisville, Ky., a vital and highly competitive market for Beam Suntory. Master Distiller Fred Noe, Jim Beam’s great- grandson, appeared on the local ABC affiliate, WHAS-TV, and presented a number of never-shared-before items with viewers, including rare bottlings dating back to the 1890s and the original letter written by Jim Beam requesting reinstatement of his liquor license after Repeal of Prohibition in 1933.  We hope to coordinate similar television appearances around the country over time.

As the company’s 225th anniversary approaches in 2020, we look forward to remaining immersed in the Beam Heritage Initiative through continued research and creative programming that highlights the remarkable story of the First Family of Bourbon. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Six Tips for Creating Engaging Facebook Content

Many of our clients depend on our PR and social media team to manage and create engaging content for their social media pages. Though each platform provides value in one form or another, there is little doubt that Facebook is one of the most powerful tools for brands to connect with certain consumer audiences.

Facebook possesses a larger audience than any other platform. It can be a tool to help our clients reach and engage with their target audiences organically. Additionally, Facebook allows for freedom and flexibility in the content d and offers a wide range of customizable options to “boost” posts at minimal costs to reach a wider, targeted audience.

Looking to create appealing, shareable content that gets results? Here are six tips for creating engaging Facebook content that will keep followers actively interested:
  • Know your audience – The key to developing a great feed is to post content that genuinely interests your target audience. So who are the people following your page – parents, teachers, hobbyists, employees, professionals? Take the time to figure out who the brand’s key audiences are on Facebook, and customize the content and info to their needs and interests.
  • Keep it short and simple – The shorter the post, the less likely your followers are to scroll right past it. Sometimes getting your point across in just a few words can be difficult, but when possible, remember shorter and direct is better.
  • Bring variety and personality – Post a mix of content to keep followers interested. In addition to important company, product and industry news, give your page life by incorporating blogs, tips, polls and call-to-action posts. Likewise, if there’s something unique or quirky about the brand or business, be sure to draw positive attention to it.
  • Make it personable – For a few of our clients, LCWA's PR and social media team has seen that posts with some of the highest engagement rates are ones that highlight a company’s local community involvement or individual employees. Giving followers something they can directly connect or relate to on a personal level is a sure fire way to win.
  • Use high-quality visuals – Every post should have a visual element to it! This can range from photos and visual tips and stats, to infographics and videos. Take advantage of appealing visuals on-hand or create your own. Everyone loves when an eye-catching image or video pops up on their feed.
  • Boost posts to reach the right audience – Whether it’s an announcement, promotion, link or event, any type of post can be “boosted” on Facebook. Boosted posts aren’t limited to people who already follow the page so this is a great option to reach a wider, target audience – Facebook allows users to set the parameters for who will see the boosted post including age, sex, location, and interests.
Creating engaging social media content doesn’t have to be a challenge, just keep these six tips in mind and you’ll be off to a good start to generating interesting content.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

The Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation Increases Awareness with “Not Everyone Breathes Easy” Campaign

This month, LCWA worked with our client, the Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation (PFF), to launch a new campaign aimed at increasing awareness about pulmonary fibrosis (PF). The “Not Everyone Breathes Easy” campaign will reach individuals who may be at risk for the disease or are undiagnosed, and encourage them to speak with a physician about PF.

More than 200,000 Americans are living with pulmonary fibrosis, a progressive and debilitating lung disease that leads to scarring of the lungs. The disease remains largely unknown, which can lead to later stage diagnoses.

To kick off the awareness campaign, LCWA and the PFF crafted a microsite,, for visitors to learn about specific symptoms and risk factors. The site includes a Pulmonary Fibrosis Risk List worksheet individuals can download and bring with them to their next doctor’s visit, as well as patient stories of those living with the disease. The microsite also directs individuals to the PFF site for resources to direct them toward next steps.

As we look ahead, we are excited to get the word out about pulmonary fibrosis with many unique campaign aspects. This includes an upcoming #NotEveryoneBreathesEasy Twitter chat (mark your calendars for Nov. 2), banner ads and media outreach. Check out the Chicago Tribune on Nov. 7 to see our first print advertisement for the campaign, as well!

Visit today and find out if you are at risk for pulmonary fibrosis!