Monday, October 12, 2015

In the Mix…Double the Fun with a “Two-Screen Sweepstakes”

Our client Snow Joe + Sun Joe regularly appears on day-long QVC segments to sling super-hot deals on their high-quality, innovative, and affordable outdoor tools. This presents the perfect opportunity to promote these “Snow + Sun Joe Days” with our highly-engaged Facebook fan base. Giving away products on Facebook at the exact same time that fans can watch the products live on TV – a two-screen sweepstakes – is an excellent way to rev up fan enthusiasm and gain new fans for weeks to come. Here are some tips on pulling it off.
  • Be a tease: Give your fans just enough information in the days leading up to the TV event. You want them to have a basic idea about what’s to come, but also want them to be checking back regularly for more details.
  • Make a splash: The goal is to create a fun day. Fans should know exactly when and where they can see your client on TV, what they can win on Facebook and why they should make sure to stay “glued to both screens.” Make sure you have custom graphics, theme and hashtag ready to go. Encourage fans to share and interact for further reach.
  • Double the pleasure: Whenever your client is on TV, you need to be active on social media. Remind the fans that your client is back on both screens and that they should both watch (for the great deal) and enter to win. Consider running multiple individual sweepstakes that only last as long as the segment will be on TV – this concentrated push yields intense fan interaction.
  • Do it live: Give your fans a total experience. Take screenshots of the TV segment, post quotes and screenshots from the segment as they are happening, ask for feedback and comments about what is being seen on TV, and reiterate the main messages and product benefits as they are presented. This gives the fans a feeling that they are special to you and that you appreciate them (which you do, right?).
Most importantly, have fun, engage constantly and be loose! Being on TV is a large commitment, and your “two-screen sweepstakes” social media plan should be epic and thorough.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Favorite Finds

 It was a great week in Chicago! Here were my favorite trending topics:
  • #FlyTheW: There was huge build-up for the Cubbies’ convincing victory over the Bucs in the Wild Card Game – plus a cool hashtag emoji. Meet me in St. Louis.
  • Holy PR: The #CoolPope’s historic visit to the states led to a nice PR boost for the Catholic Church.
  • How About Them Cowboys: Domestic violence idiot Greg Hardy returned to the Cowboys after serving a suspension and immediately said some dumb things without even apologizing or showing remorse.
  • Book Club: Check out these five fall reads for PR pros.
  •  Grab Some Bench: Uber-confident and historically-great Cubs ace Jake Arrieta shut Pirates' fans down on Twitter leading up to the Wild Card Game, then backed up the smack talk with a complete game shutout. 

Monday, October 5, 2015

In the Mix…AASM Snaps with Millennials

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) often is a resource on the topic of sleep for top media outlets across the country. We recently worked with on a story about pulling all-nighters (which is not recommended by the AASM, for the record!). The story appeared as part of a back-to-school special report on CNN’s Snapchat Discover channel, a Snapchat news resource that was launched earlier this year.The story was live for two days, which is consistent with the platform’s fast-moving nature, and reached more than one million people. It was a great way to get out our AASM messages out to younger audiences and educate them on the importance of sleep!

Friday, October 2, 2015

Favorite Finds

What a week! Despite the seemingly non-stop coverage of the Supermoon Eclipse, the Pope’s U.S. visit, and the tracking of Hurricane Joaquin, there were a few other stories and events that made headlines this week. Here are a couple that caught our attention:

  • Another Facebook Hoax: Don’t believe the latest wave of status updates. By copying and pasting a short post in legalese about your privacy settings on Facebook, it turns out you will not, in fact, make the photos and videos you’ve posted more private.
  • Polo Power Play: Fashion icon Ralph Lauren announced this week that he will be stepping down as CEO of his company, handing the executive reins over to Stefan Larsson, who was previously the global president of Old Navy.
  •  Trump vs. Fox: The ongoing tiff between GOP frontrunner Donald Trump and Fox News escalated this week with a series of on-again, off-again interview confirmations and cancellations that rivaled a Hollywood romance. Time will tell if they kiss and make up.
  • Quenching A Social Media Thirst: The University of Florida spent the week toasting the golden anniversary of Gatorade, with its observance spilling over into the social media world. Here are just a few samplings, with more to come in the run-up to tomorrow night’s Florida-Ole Miss game at The Swamp.
  • Successful Separation: shared some heartwarming images of previously conjoined twins Maria Clara Oliveira Santana and Maria Eduarda Oliveira Santana who were successfully separated in Brazil earlier this month. Something sweet to end the week!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

In the Mix…Buzzing for Gel Bee

At LCWA we like our clients to “bee” the center of attention, and last month we helped our client Gel Bee do just that. Through Pinterest content curation, a Pinterest sweepstakes and promoted posts we helped Gel Bee increase its brand awareness and gain new followers.

The Gel Bee team seeded gel pens and collected user-generated content (UGC) throughout the summer to post on the brand’s new Pinterest page. The result is a personal peek into the possibilities with the pens.
In addition to creating and cultivating content, the LCWA team conducted a Pinterest promotion. The Gel Bee “Bee Colorful” Sweepstakes proved to be a great way to launch Gel Bee in the social arena while building awareness for the brand among qualified and engaged consumers. During the four week promotion, with a mix of organic and promotional pins, we increased Pinterest followers by 23 times, generated more than 100,000 direct impressions and stimulated social sharing. 

Also, to continue inspiring new content, we sent each winner a “Gel Bee Colorful” Coloring Book and encouraged them to color a page with their new Gel Bee pens and send it back to us for posting.

We look forward to more buzzworthy activity in the coming weeks!

Monday, September 28, 2015

In the Mix…De-Cluttering The Garage for National Clean Out Your Garage Day!

Most homeowners know the feeling: with the summer season winding down and cooler temperatures setting in, a random assortment of junk has piled up in the garage. This year, the LCWA home products PR team helped combat “seasonal garage disorder” with our client The Lehigh Group by promoting National Clean Out Your Garage Day on September 12. This annual observance – now in its seventh year – reminds Americans every fall to organize the garage before the winter months.
The program was a success, with syndicated pick-up from prominent home reporter Alan Heavens and placements in priority outlets like This Old House (pictured right), The Detroit News, Houston Chronicle and The Record and Herald News. In all, our team secured more than 79 million impressions for the brand. Due to our outreach, media have been buzzing about the latest garage cleaning and timely organization tips, as well as the latest organization tools from Crawford.

Miss out on this year’s National Clean Out Your Garage Day? Don’t worry! You can still pick up what you need to get the job done, from

Friday, September 25, 2015

Favorite Finds

So much good insight amidst a week of big news! Here are my favorite finds from the week in PR headlines … and a few non-work related articles, too!
  • An insightful article advocates for continued emphasis on earned media relations in conjunction with integrated content marketing and “brand journalism” of the day. Here’s a “bottom line” for clients: it’s cost-effective and successful, not to mention useful for social media channels and imperative to help build credibility.
  • For integrated marketing communications professionals, mobile continues to grow in importance. These mobile statistics won’t come as a surprise to some, but I like this one in particular: according to Loyalty360, “46% of consumers are less likely to comparison shop when using a company’s branded app.”
  • This social media infographic neatly summarizes the state of social media in 2015. A personal favorite? Buyable pins on Pinterest.
  • The classic tome is now on e-reader! AP Stylebook – what will you do with your printed versions?
  • The Art Institute of Chicago and cultural institutions across the nation have heralded local celebrity architect Jeanne Gang. Time Out Chicago gave us a look at a future neighbor of ours! Spectacular!
  • Interested in fall foliage? Galena is among these small cities Country Living highlighted. Check out the photos – they will make you yearn for a Sunday drive.